How to for Artists and Creatives

How to for Artists and Creatives

The best tips to help Artists and Creatives promote their work online and improve their presence on Internet.

Artist Promotion by Ulysse Creation and CreativInn

Ulyssse Creation aims at promoting Artists from around the world. Ulysse Creation has an exclusive partnership with CreativInn to help Artists from around th...

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An art news and culture magazine for art lovers and artists of all skill levels and categories, including painting, music, film, theatre, photography visual art and a lot more. This is what this daily art news app is all about. ------- CreativInn is a free art magazine for artists and art lovers that not only enables you to read the latest news in the art industry, but it also allows talented young artists to get a chance to be discovered by submitting their artworks and/or art events. CreativInn aims to inspire visitors to enter the creative universe of promising artists. We ensure that all the artists and their innovative skills receive legitimate recognition in the world. The internet is a dominant source for learning everything about the world, which is why we are making the best use of the internet by displaying the creative people that exist on this planet. We want to show our visitors how our artists work and what their creative universe can produce. Download CreativInn for free on your Android device and have fun reading art news and checking out the showrooms of talented artists. Our news art app and daily art magazine comes with a clean and neat design and the interfa

Artist Knowledge Base - CreativInn

CreativInn Artist Knowledge Base contains useful information for all kinds of Artists and Creatives works.Our mission is to promote creativity and help the artists from around the world.

How to efficiently use a URL Shortener to promote your Artwork - CreativInn

As the name clearly mentions, URL shorteners reduce the length of URLs but is that the only purpose of these? Not at all. A URL shortener goes beyond reducing the length of URLs as it proposes a lot of other features that can make your life as an artist a lot easier.

Is it time for an Art Agent or representative? - CreativInn

Getting an artist agent or not getting one is usually a huge dilemma for young artists who dream to live from their art. An art agent could considerably contribute to the realization of that dream as much as it could make it difficult to achieve.

10 tips for entering a Photo Contest - CreativInn

An excellent way to promote your art and to increase your visibility online is to win or even place in a highly regarded photo contest. Many professional photographers today have competitions to thank for getting them started on the road to a successful career.

How to write an impressive Artist CV - CreativInn

You never get a second chance to make the first impression.  We could talk all day of the benefits of a good artist CV but well, we would rather outline some simple tips that will help you get a mind-blowing artist CV whether you have little or no experience, or you’re just trying to ameliorate your CV. Shall we?

How to improve an Artist presence online - CreativInn

Before we get to the core of the subject, it is essential to say that there is no clear-cut step that will suddenly increase your online visibility. It takes persistence and time to build a reputation, a solid one at that. That being said, let’s get to the things that will significantly help you increase…

How to assess an Artist presence online - CreativInn

The question of online visibility is of great importance these days, as people spend most of their time on the internet. As a matter of fact, the web is the first place they will go to in search of any information or service. The web has become a place where it is possible to grow…

How to write an Artist Statement - CreativInn

If you’re an artist and have been asked to submit your artist statement and you just don’t know how to start, do not panic. Creativinn, will explain detailly what is meant by an artist statement, why it is necessary and then how to go about writing it.

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