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Italian Contemporary Artist Maurizio D’Andrea: The Painter of the Inne

An Italian artist whose creativity and determination pay great tribute to his place of birth as they flow from his art and into our lives like blazing magma.

Maurizio D'Andrea : The painter of the Inner Metaverses

Italian Contemporary Artist Maurizio D'Andrea creates what he feels instead of what he sees. His creativity & originality mark him as a universal artist for his works in painting, digital graphics, sculpture, photography & artistic short films.


My Artistic Work

My artistic work is based on a poetic imagery in which a diversity of subjects meets. Each picture is a message, a set a story. Photographs after photographs, I build a story that I want to tell you.


Jiawei Fu

Interior Designer and Painter Jiawei Fu, born in Guangzhou, China and now living in Los Angeles, is a creative of many trades.

Elena Popkova | CreativInn

Elena Popkova (born in 1971) is a Volgograd-based artist, photographer, sculptor and Doctor of Economics. Her work attempts to reframe the human gaze onto nature, reinstating the power of nature to adapt, evolve and weather even the most turbulent storms. Inhabiting the border between science and art, Elena Popkova's work offers up glimpses of the natural world.

Art for the people Gallery | CreativInn

Art For The People Gallery is an Austin art gallery located in the heart of South Austin on the vibrant and quirky South 1st. The gallery is designed to provide a welcoming and safe place for the artists in our community to showcase their work and tell their stories.

Julian Charrière | CreativInn

Julian Charrière is a French-Swiss artist norn in 1987 and currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. He attended the École cantonale d'art du Valais and the Berlin University of the Arts. In his research-based practice, Julian Charrière uses sculptural objects and images -both moving and still- to explore the connections...

Darice Machel McGuire | CreativInn

Hawaiian Painter Darice Machel McGuire lives on the Island of Maui. Her oil & acrylic paintings are nationally and internationally known. Let Darice Machel McGuire talk about herself! My name is Darice Machel McGuire and I am an artist living and loving life on Maui. I have been studying and...

Twenty Two B | CreativInn

L.A. Artist Twenty Two B grew up on the Ivory Coast of West Africa, later leaving his country as a political refugee to escape its bloody civil war. He soon arrived in the USA and began pursuing his passion for music.

Shereen Yap | CreativInn

Shereen Yap is an artist and writer from Sydney who presents stories and journeys through paintings and words.

Mark Humes | CreativInn

Digital Artist Mark Humes Biography Mark Humes, a prolific digital abstract artist, was born in Wenatchee, Washington in 1974. He served in United States Army second infantry division and 101st Airborne Division until becoming disabled in 1995. After his career in the military, Mark Humes became the owner of the former...

Chazzy Patel | CreativInn

A pirate, circus runaway, and soon to start the world's most badass backpacker motorcycle gang, Chazzy Patel has worn many hats-none of which indicated the natural discipline of a writer. Born in Crawley, England, Photographer and Writer Chazzy Patel found conventional childhood to be both boring and constricting and opted instead for the carefree novelty of a teenage runaway under the Big Top.

Jae Billingham | CreativInn

Jae Billingham is a professional artist and has spent 6 years traveling the United States being technically trained in the art of human face's. She is a frequent student at Scottsdale Artists School, Arizona and specializes in graphite, charcoal and more recently illustration digital art.

Michael Anthony Ingram | CreativInn

Biography of Michael Anthony Ingram Michael Anthony Ingram is a retired university professor and emerging digital artist. A Washington DC resident, he is committed to employing the arts to disseminate information and raise awareness about issues related to equity, power relations, and institutionalized oppression. He has also gained an international reputation...

Gilda Garza | CreativInn

I consider myself to be a very happy upbeat person, also very passionate about everything and anything. My universe revolves around my art, I truly love what I do. It is my one true passion to be able to express on a canvas my emotions and experiences in my life.

Shannon K | CreativInn

Shannon K is the daughter of renowned Veteran Bollywood playback vocalist, Kumar Sanu. Born in India, Shannon K migrated to London at exceptionally youthful age, before moving to the United States to keep on pursuing her acting and singing vocation.

Ilona Svetluska | CreativInn

Ilona Svetluska was born in Pilsen, Czech Republic in 1979. Since 2005, she has been living in Brussels, Belgium. Painting is one of her passions since childhood when she won a couple of competitions. At the age of 19, she started to work as an intuitive healer (kinesiology One Brain, reiki, family constellations, tarot and automatic drawing).

Zion Antoni | CreativInn

Zion Antoni is a Freelance Journalist and Grassroots independent Recording artist/Record producer from the Bronx NY. He is the Founder/Chair of The Urban Cry LLC, a limited liability company with two main branches: Freelance Journalism, and an independent record company.

Pamela Iuvara | CreativInn

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, restoration and preservation of artistic and museum assets, Pamela Iuvara worked on building sites to restore monuments of her birthplace. She has a ten-year experience as a painter and interior decorator, also having made numerous decorative murals.

Matteo Fieno | CreativInn

Born and raised in Italy, a country which is famous for its art and some of the most famous artists, Matteo Fieno wanted to be an artist since the childhood as he had the talent and creative abilities required to become a successful artist.

Israel Benloulou | CreativInn

Israel Benloulou is an Israeli Digital Artist who lives in South Africa you may know of as IzzyBll on social media. Showing us truly that whatever you imagine can become a reality whether it's an island that has a skull shape to it with a fantasy castle above it to...

Jennifer Mrozek Weiss | CreativInn

Biography Jennifer Mrozek Weiss is an American abstract painter. She was born and till date is based in New York City in the district of Tribecca. She has actively been expressing herself through her several art works from the year 2000, where she held her first solo exhibition till date....

Sevada Grigoryan | CreativInn

Artist Biography Sevada Grigoryan is an Armenian painter, born in 1959. He graduated from Yerevan State Pedagogical University in Fine Arts. Grigoryan Sevada is a member of the Artists' Union of Armenia and UNESCO International Federation of Artists in France. He has held exhibitions throughout the USA, Russia, Japan and...



Jyrice is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and actor. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida.

Our Art Community Around the World | CreativInn

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Interview with Abstract Painter Rebecca Youssef

Abstract painter Rebecca Youssef is currently living and working in Los Angeles, California. CreativInn had the pleasure to have a chat with her in her studi...

Israel Benloulou

Israel Benloulou is a South African Digital Artist you may know of as IzzyBll on social media.

Artist Promotion by Ulysse Creation and CreativInn

Ulyssse Creation aims at promoting Artists from around the world. Ulysse Creation has an exclusive partnership with CreativInn to help Artists from around th...


Katerina Lanfranco

Katerina Lanfranco is a NYC based painter, sculptor and mixed media artist who combines nature, science and fantasy.


Parlamer Photography

by Olivier Bezombes


Hawaiian Painter Darice Machel McGuire

Darice Machel McGuire is a famous Hawaiian painter who lives on the beautifull Island of Maui. She works with acrylics and oil.


Rebecca Youssef

Rebecca Youssef is an abstract painter and muralist based in Los Angeles, California. Rebecca’s paintings are heavily influenced by the raw natural beauty of the southwest California.

An Interview with Creative Katerina Lanfranco - CreativInn

I discovered Creative Katerina Lanfranco. During weeks, I have corresponded with her. She answered my questions and accepted that I publish this interview.

Famous Artists

The most promissing artists from around the World

CreativInn has selected for you some of the most promising contemporary artists of today. We like their artistic universe and we thinth they will be very famous artists very soon.

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Italian Painter Matteo Fieno

Italian Painter Matteo Fieno is a contemporary figurative artist, born and raised in Italy.

Gonçalo Duarte Pacheco

Photographer Gonçalo Duarte Pacheco Biography Gonçalo Duarte Pacheco graduated in Architecture in 2013, having collaborated in several Studios (in Lisbon) until 2016, where he formed his own studio - Gonçalo Duarte Pacheco Architects and a photography studio - Outro Estúdio, which in addition to responding to private orders, investigates Architecture...

Nocturne Skeletona by Stuart Styron: A Trip to the Other Side

The album is all about darkness and fear. Asked to pick an introduction, Stuart Styron choses the track Feel the Fear from the Start. As its name clearly suggests, it's all about imposing fear from the very first second. The long organ-like notes transport you into a universe of dread and anxiety, like a trip through a horror movie.

Artists South Africa

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